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Fri 25 April 2014
Wolverhampton company helps build a new steam locomotive!

Pictured on Saturday 5th April at Kidderminster are (from left to right) Tony Massau, Daniel Cartwright and Chris Proudfoot.

The occasion marked a generous offer by Wulfrun Consulting to sponsor the bunker - the part of a steam locomotive that carries the coal - for 82045, a brand-new engine being built by The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust for use on the Severn Valley Railway.

Wulfrun spokesman Daniel Cartwright, a member of the Trust since 2010, said: "I am absolutely delighted that Wulfrun will be sponsoring this eye-catching component of 82045, which will hopefully generate still more enthusiasm and support for this very worthwhile scheme. This is a really exciting engineering project which will return to the rails a modern type of British Railways Standard locomotive designed and built at Swindon and once to be be seen over much of the UK. Sadly, all were swept away and scrapped in the late 1960's as part of the BR Modernisation Plan. 82045 will be ideally suited to working on any preserved railway in the country, and I can't wait to see it in steam!"

The British Railways Standard steam locomotives were a range of simple, practical types designed to meet the requirements of postwar railway operation. Built at places such as Derby, Swindon and Crewe, they were good, efficient engines whose only fault was that they came along late in the day for steam traction and were broken up after pitifully short lives.

Tony Massau, Project Engineer for the 82045 Trust, said: "We are most grateful to Wulfrun Consulting and now look forward to having the engine's bunker fabricated this summer. It will be painted dark green, lined out in orange and black, and will raise our profile wonderfully. The 82045 project is flourishing and we expect the loco to be steaming in about three years. Quite simply, it is a good old-fashioned British manufacturing project, and is one in the eye for those who say that Britain can't make things any more!"

Wulfrun Consulting is a privately owned consultancy established in 2010 to provide tendering and project management services on an interim or temporary contract basis to both the public and private sectors. During the past four years, Wulfrun has worked seamlessly with a number of clients including public services providers responsible for managing infrastructure projects; engineering design consultancies; and multi-national manufacturers and transportation operators. So far during 2014 the consultancy has been pleased to support a number of industrial companies with an extended portfolio of management services ranging from technical documentation revision to website design and digital magazine publication.

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